Welcome to Empowered by YOU

We are dedicated to empowering and equipping women with the knowledge and tools to stay safe in any situation. Our safety classes are designed to build confidence and awareness, ensuring that every woman feels empowered to protect herself.


Self-Defense Workshops

Our self-defense workshops focus on practical techniques and strategies to defend yourself in real-life scenarios. Gain the confidence and skills to protect yourself effectively.

Pepper Spray Training

Learn how to properly and safely use pepper spray as a self-defense tool. Our training sessions cover usage techniques, legal guidelines, and situational awareness.

Safety Awareness Seminars

Our safety awareness seminars provide valuable insights and tips on staying safe in various environments. From personal safety to travel security, we cover essential topics for women's safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone attend the safety classes?

Our safety classes are open to women of all ages and fitness levels. We welcome everyone who wants to learn and enhance their safety skills. We teach the basic's to keep you safe and educate you on staying safe.

What makes your self-defense workshops unique?

Our workshops incorporate real-life scenarios and practical techniques, making the learning experience highly effective and engaging. 

Do you offer private safety classes?

Yes, we offer private safety classes for individuals or small groups. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and schedule.

“Taking Misty's safety class was a game-changer for me. I feel more confident and prepared to handle any potential threats. Thank you, Misty, for your empowering and informative class!”

— Samantha S.

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